One voice for all residents and entrepreneurs

Everything we do is geared to the welfare of our residents. This is the focus of our business model, our principles, our values and our standards. We represent and uphold the interests of all residents, as well as those of all the individual entrepreneurs who work with us to create a warm and loving home for those in need of care. 

A unique alliance

For many years, we have formed a close-knit partnership with Per Saldo, the association which represents people with a personal healthcare budget. This could be viewed as an unusual coupling, given that De Drie Notenboomen represents the operators of the various franchise formulas while Per Saldo represents their residents. However, our aims are identical: to ensure that everyone has a free choice and is able to obtain the care that he or she wishes to receive. We therefore work closely together in representing the interests of all residents and ensuring that the principles of the personal healthcare budget scheme are upheld.