Our franchise formulas

As a franchise organization, De Drie Notenboomen develops a network of small-scale residential care facilities for various target groups. Our four concepts – Thomashuis, Herbergier, Zorgbutler and Thomas Op Kamers – combine a pleasant living environment with appropriate care. We support 168 locations throughout the Netherlands, continue to expand and improve, and are working to develop new care formulas.  

Thomashuis is a loving home for people with intellectual disabilities. There are currently 118 Thomashuis locations in various regions of the Netherlands plus one in Belgium. More

Herbergier is a warm and loving home for people with memory problems. There are currently 47 Herbergier locations throughout the Netherlands and we are expanding to Germany and Norway. More

Zorgbutler is an independent living concept for people with a light or moderate care requirement. There are currently 3 locations in Rotterdam. More

Thomas Op Kamers is a small-scale facility which allows people with minor intellectual disabilities to live independently in the community. There is currently 1 location in Rotterdam. More