A happy life for everyone

Learn and carry on learning

Aspiring francisees are passionate professionals with a dream. They are rarely experienced business people. An intensive training program is available to ensure that they can operate efficiently. It covers a wide range of topics, including financial administration, personnel policy, marketing, resident selection and networking. In short, everything you need to make the dream come true. For those with somewhat more experience, additional training is available to provide inspiration and introduce new ideas.

Quality of life above all

Quality assurance is one of the main priorities within our organization. Good care and a good life – that is our raison d’être. But fine words butter no parsnips! We have a responsibility towards all stakeholders – and ourselves – to provide clear evidence of how satisfied our residents and their families are with the services they receive. In addition to the daily conversations between caregivers and their residents about their needs, we conduct an extensive customer satisfaction survey among residents and their relatives every 2 years. The questions are about healthcare and other topics related to living and working in the home. The results are discussed by the healthcare entrepreneurs with all relatives. If necessary, improvements are made. For the Herbergier formula, the request for Zorgkaart Nederland is also made every year.

Good entrepreneurship

To demonstrate that all aspects of their operations are entirely in order, every Thomashuis holds ISO certification. A similar accreditation scheme for Herbergier is currently under development. ISO certification allows us to demonstrate full compliance with current legislation. With a minimum of bureaucracy and ‘red tape’, we can all be certain that everything is as it should be. The ISO standards place an emphasis on recording essential processes and providing accountability for care of the highest quality. In time, we intend to extend ISO certification to the Zorgbutler and Thomas Op Kamers concepts.

Our ISO accreditation audits are conducted by Bureau Veritas, an internationally recognized leader in the field. Bureau Veritas offers custom-made solutions which help organizations to achieve and maintain the required standards in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental management and Corporate Social Responsibility. Certification demonstrates to the world at large that all obligations have been met.