Not in ownership

At the inception of De Drie Notenboomen and during the creation of the first Thomashuizen, the organization took the conscious decision to avoid acquiring its own real estate. Although buildings are an essential part of our formulas, DDN does not wish to own bricks and mortar. This is not part of our core business. DDN’s expertise is in facilitating care professionals. This, together with the real estate expertise of third parties, creates a unique combination. 

DDN’s seeks real estate partners who are committed to socially responsible development. For this reason, we focus on collaboration with housing corporations. However, we increasingly work with private investors who attach importance to affordability and socially responsible enterprise. 

Many of the buildings which are used as a Thomashuis or Herbergier location have some remarkable history and/or interesting physical features. We believe that real estate should not focus exclusively on the efficiency of care processes but should also provide a pleasant living environment. 

Our portfolio therefore includes former school buildings, farmhouses, small-scale factories, grand townhouses and even entire convents. We are increasingly involved in newbuild projects, preferably in a prime location. The majority of our buildings are in the heart of the local community because we believe that people should not be expected to integrate into care, but care should be fully integrated into the everyday world.