Transparency through a separate foundation

Since 1 January 2020, all rental agreements and the relevant financial flows have been administered by Stichting Onroerend Goed DDN rather than the main franchise organization DDN. This ensures that real estate activities and the associated income and expenditure are as transparent as possible.

The Stichting Onroerend Goed DDN exists to:

  • Safeguard the continuity of the real estate and the financial position of the residential care concepts developed by De Drie Notenboomen, i.e. Thomashuis, Herbergier, Zorgbutler and Thomas Op Kamers, as well as any concepts to be added to the portfolio in future
  • Offer affordable accommodation to the small-scale residential care concepts facilitated by De Drie Notenboomen
  • Promote the interests of public housing in general, and special accommodation for persons with a care requirement in particular, and all matters which can reasonably be deemed to be relevant to the foregoing.

Partnerships are long-term in nature (10 to 20 years) and formalized by means of rental agreements. The DDN real estate team supports the housing corporations in the realization and ongoing maintenance of buildings. Maintenance is subject to the standard division of responsibilities between landlord and tenant. When extending a rental agreement, DDN negotiates with regard to the investments required to ensure that the housing concept will remain up to date throughout the term of the lease.

The foundation has its own Board of Representatives, a consultation body comprising representatives of Thomashuis and Herbergier franchisee associations.

Annual Report and financial statements

Click the following link to access the SOG DDN Annual Report for 2022 (in Dutch): Jaarrekening 2022 SOG.