Everyone has his own expertise – teamwork is the key to success.

We wish to focus solely on our core business. This means that we make use of third-party expertise in various domains. Our partners ensure that we are able to do what we are good at – developing franchise formulas within the care sector - while their specialist knowledge and expertise raises our activities onto a higher plane. There are several aspects of our business organization for which we have established close partnerships with external parties. 

Real Estate

We do not own the buildings in which our various concepts are housed. This is a conscious choice: our task is to facilitate care services. Our main real estate partners are housing corporations throughout the Netherlands. In addition, we have long been able to rely on the expertise and passion of a few selected architects to design our buildings. More

Financial and Personnel Administration

We believe that franchisees should be able to run their business operations with maximum efficiency and transparency. We therefore provide a standard package which all franchisees use for their financial and personnel administration. More


Setting up a business involves a financial commitment which may entail taking out a loan or attracting external investment. We have partnerships with various banks, insurance companies and financial institutions who are able to offer detailed advice. More


Thorough training is essential to ensure that everyone knows what is required of them. As a private care initiative, we also have a clear responsibility to all stakeholders – including residents, their families and franchisees - to provide full transparency about the quality of our business operations, the care provided and the welfare of our residents. More

Client representation

Our residents are central to everything we do. Their interests are paramount. We therefore take an active role in representing those interests, doing so alongside various client organizations. More