We are De Drie Notenboomen


What we work to achieve

Our mission is to make healthcare services more personal, more affordable and more pleasant.
To achieve this, we base all activities on our three core values:

  • Small-scale: short lines of communication, familiar faces, time and attention for our fellow human beings.
  • Entrepreneurship: creativity, with room for initiative, ownership and direct responsibility.
  • Freedom of choice: the right to choose for both care professional and resident.

We have opted to pursue our vision of socially responsible enterprise by means of franchising.

This approach ensures that:

  • The core values can be replicated without losing any of their value.
  • Each care concept has a clear specification which allows rigorous quality control.

Our core business therefore comprises:

1. Formula development
- Development of new care formulas
- Further development of the existing formulas in terms of volume and content

2. Service provision for franchisees
- Coaching, training, advice

3. Facilitation
- Expertise, quality assessment, communication, real estate

4. Connection
- Connecting DDN and franchisees with each other
- Connecting DDN and franchisees with the outside world

Who is involved

As franchisor, De Drie Notenboomen ensures that care professionals can focus on their core tasks and realize their vision of care for others. Every franchisee, regardless of concept, is responsible for providing the best possible care in a warm, comfortable home. Residents (or their representatives) choose a particular franchisee as their care provider, who then becomes their first point of contact with regard to all aspects of the service they receive. External partners contribute specific expertise to ensure that all franchise formulas are of the highest quality.

Why we do what we do
  • Because we believe that care should revolve around the individual rather than the system.
  • Because we strive to organize the type of care that we ourselves would wish to receive.
  • Because we believe in the strength and passion of care providers and we like to encourage them to make best possible use of both.
  • Because we recognize that even the small things can have a huge impact on people and society.
  • Because we wish to encourage others to care for each other.
  • Because we wish to challenge and stimulate care providers to do things differently.
  • And because we believe that people should not be expected to integrate into the care sector, but that care should be fully integrated into the everyday world.